Earn Money with PaisaSwipe android app

Earn Money with PaisaSwipe android app

Have you increasingly looked at an advertisement that’s trying to sell you something and thought, “They should be paying me to look at this.” Well, now all your mordant dreams can come true with a new Android application from India, Paisa Swipe.

It’s pretty simple.  Every time you swipe it away, one cent ($0.01) is deposited into your Paisa Swipe account. You can get up to $5 per month, and possibly more if you get your contacts to sign up. As the app description says, “it is the simplest money you will ever make.”

Still in beta, the app has before now signed up big consumers like McDonald’s and KFC for one-month free trial runs. Paisa Swipe hopes to get 100,000 users this month and raise $1 million in investment over the next six months.

PaisaSwipe says comparable apps like Cash Slide in South Korea and Locket in the USA have been very successful. Like its American and Korean counterparts, it’s only available locally, but is looking to increase to other countries in the near future.

What would be more free than free money for a free advertisement. Paisa Swipe Android App is best Indian startup example for this statement. Free money is one way of saying – but you can also recharge your phones or transfer it to paypal. They are planning for a DTH recharge in the near future too. Well, there aren’t just another coup d’état of worldwide ads. but are upcoming movie trailers and news. Getting high on surfing is better than swiping left and getting what’s hot.

If you’re in India and you’d like to provide PaisaSwipe a try, you can download it on Google Play. You can ready money out either with PayPal or obtain online gift cards, prepaid mobile recharge money, or even donate the money to charity. Korean and American users can check out Cashslide and Locket, correspondingly.

How to earn by  PaisaSwipe:

1.Insall the Paisa Swipe  app from the play store and open it. Swipe right to end the tutorials.


2.Signup with either logging into Facebook or creating a new account. After signing up, press the power button to let your mobile go to sleep.


3.When you press the power button, Paisa Swipe comes into effect. There is one advertisement at a time. Swipe left to view the ad and earn Rs. 0.10 or swipe right to skip Paisa Swipe.

4.Go your   account inside Paisa Swipe app and check how much you earned frequently by clicking on advertisements.

Paisa Swipe is a fun and beautiful rewarding way to share and connect with friends, family, and your local community

Earn free recharge for unlocking your mobile
With Paisa swipe you can receive each time you unlock your mobile phone

On lock screen drag left to visit ad and drag right to simply unlock your mobile  phone

You will get some Paisa every time you unlock
pay can be redeemed through paytm(Multiples of 100) or freecharge (
Multiples of 50 Rs )