Rupee hunt

RupeeHunt  App is free rewards app, where you will be able to earn Rupees, free recharge as well as talk time each and every day. By playing game and downloading apps you can earn rewards and here you don’t need any registration with app .You can earn Rs.5 as a joining bonus gift and Rs.10 is lowest recharge amount . .Invite friends to join RupeeHunt and you will get extra rewards.

It is very simple to earn Rupees with RupeeHunt. you just have to download and run RupeeHunt. There is no registration required. Make sure that you are connected to internet. As you are new so you will get Rs.5 as a newbie gift. You can also get extra Rupee everyday !. Click “Earn Rupee” and enter any Rupee Zone. You can download games and apps here for free of charge. Run the games as well as apps for few minutes and you will see the wallet increased. Just  the once you earn Rs.10 in wallet you can recharge for yourself as well as families and friends. So you can leave the mobile bills behind you .There  is no need to worry about it anymore.

RupeeHunt includes three Rupee Zone which are  Rupee Zone A, Rupee Zone B and Rupee Zone C.  In these Rupee Zone there are several apps .Download a app and you will be rewarded when you will run the app. So please remember to start the app after installation