Easy ways to earn recharge for free with ZipTT

Easy ways to earn recharge for free with ZipTT

A place where you can get and collect free  mobile recharge for doing enjoyment things like participating contests, creating quizzes, sharing on facebook, reading trivia, shopping and much more! Collect as much free recharge as you want and redeem it right here, at ziptt.com.

Forget about spending enormous amounts on monthly mobile bills. Ziptt.com will help you get Free Recharge from today and now! And, here is how –

Login to Ziptt.com

Every time you login, you receive free recharge and you earn even more if you login for 10 or 20 or 30 days in a row. Participate our online contests, quizzes and polls and obtain a chance to win free mobile recharge. Create your very own contests and obtain the thrill out of seeing other members participate your contests. Thats not all, you obtain assured free mobile  recharge for every contest you create. We have a plethora of shopping deals from flight tickets, hotel bookings and online shopping. For each flight you book through us or each product you buy from our sponsor, you get some free mobile recharge.

You even get mobile recharge for all the fun things you do on Ziptt.com. Upload funny pictures and videos and obtain mobile recharge for free, submit funny jokes for everybody to laugh at and obtain paid in free talktime, read your horoscope and obtain free recharge! Thats not all, refer our awesome website to your contacts and get a pat on your back along with free recharge from us! Like us on facebook and Google Plus and we will send the love right back with some free recharge.

Ziptt.com is a new way to recharge your mobile for free. You can get free recharge by Daily login, Registering on websites, installing Applications and many other ways.



Refer Friends

*Get Rs.1 for each friend you refer!

Your contacts can now help you to obtain mobile recharge for free and minimise your mobile bills.


Post your referral link on your blog, as facebook status, on twitter or any other place where you like. each time someone registers via your link, the credit in your ziptt wallet raise.


*Special Offers and Shopping Discounts

Advantage of special discounts on online shopping with our partners and get up to Rs 200 free recharge. The amount of free recharge depends on the amount of your buy.

Also, get registered with our partners and take away free mobile recharge.


Participate Quiz and obtain assured prize money.

  1. You can succeed any number of times. Play more quiz to get more money.
  2. For each of the question you have multiple answers.
  3. Click on the answer that you think is right and click on submit button.
  4. Click on the go to the next button and get new question to play.
  5. More correct anwser you provide, more money you will win.